Hibex Applications

Teaching a programme just by a simple and instant setting

Screw Tightening Application
Screw Tightening Operation Type
Full Tightening Tighten with Float
Partial Tightening
Screw Tightening Application

With our dedicated screw tightening software, teach a program just by setting screw tightening conditions such as screw length, pitch, driver rpm, etc., and specifying the tightening positions.

Error Detection Functions
Spinning Screws Floating Screws
Screw Tightening Condition Setting Screen
Screw Tightening Condition 1
Thread Pitch
Rotate Speed
Screw Length
Check Precision
Float Amount
Time After Lighten
Draw Amount
Screw Amount
Stop After Feeding
Error Retry
Depaneling Application

This dedicated depaneling software for the JR3000ERT includes a function notifying when itis time to change the spindle motor router bit.

Select Point Type 1/2
Cut Start Point
Cut Relay Point
Cut End Point
Cut Circle Start Point
Cut Circle Center Point
PTP Point
CP Passing Point
CP CP End Point

Point Type Selection Screen

Depaneling Application
Dispensing Application
Fill-in Dispensing Function

Fill-in Dispensing Function

Dispensing Application

With our dedicated dispensing software, teach by pointing the dispenser needle tip to the position you want and select the type of dispensing movement (point dispensing, line dispense, fill-in dispense, etc).

Select Point Type 1/3
Start of Line Dispense
Line Passing
CP Arc Point
End of Line Dispense
Wait Start Point
Start of Circle Dispense
Center of Circle Dispense
Zigzag Start Point
Rectangular Spiral Start Point
Hollow Rectangle Start Point
Rectangle End Point

Point Type Selection Screen

Conformal Coating Application

With our dedicated dispensing software, it enables the feature to dispense with selective dispensing for the spray and line dispensing and also provide to select the type of dispensing.

Conformal Coating Application
Optical Inspection Application
Optical Inspection Application

With fine process manufacturing, on-site visual inspection with the human eye is not enough to secure effective inspection traceability; defective products can slip through much too easily. The i22X series Automated optical inspection device solves most of the problems like setting height clearance and camera settings.

Soldering Application

With fine process manufacturing, provide Automatic Soldering iron, Solder Feeder, Soldering Head, Guide Kit, Cartridge Stand, Brushes, Tip Cleaner, Control Unit by JBC

Soldering Application
Cartesian Inline Application
Cartesian Inline
Twin Table Robot
Twin Table
SCARA Pick & Place Application
SCARA Pick & Place