Collaborative Robots

cr series cobots

CR Series Cobots

The DOBOT CR Series consists of 6 payloads: 3 kg, 5 kg, 7 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg, and 16kg, with repeatability of ±0.02 mm. They are safe for human collaboration, easy to use, flexible and simple to deploy, making them ideal for a wide range of industries: automotive, consumer electronics, semiconductor, healthcare, chemical and new retail. The CR Series lowers labor cost while enhancing production efficiency.

CR Series
Weight16.5 kg25 kg24.5 kg40 kg39.5 kg40 kg
Maximum Payload3 kg5 kg7 kg10 kg12 kg16 kg
Working Radius620 mm900 mm800 mm1300 mm1200 mm1000 mm
Maximum Reach795 mm1096 mm990 mm1525 mm1425 mm1223 mm
Rated VoltageDC48V
Maximum Speed of TCP2 m/s3 m/s3 m/s4 m/s4 m/s3 m/s

DOBOT Nova Series Collaborative Robots

The DOBOT Nova Series comes with 2 kg and 5 kg maximum payload options. Nova cobots are ultralight and easy to use. Multiple built-in safety features ensure versatility across various commercial applications, including beverage, restaurants, physiotherapy and more. Customizable outer shell colors allow for coherent styling in stores.

Nova Series
Model Nova 2 Nova 5
Weight 11 kg 14 kg
Maximum Payload 2 kg 5 kg
Working Radius 625 mm 850 mm
Maximum Speed of TCP 1.6 m/s 2 m/s
Nova Series
CRS Series

CRS Series

CR5S is a Key to Assure a Human-Robot Safe Collaboration. Designed with the DOBOT SafeSkin add-on, CR5S robotic arm is created to simplify the automation lines and provide a high level of safety to a human.

NameDOBOT SafeSkin (add-on feature)
Perception typeProximity-tactile perception
Perceivable objectsHuman body, metal, liquid, etc. (conductor, lesssensitive to non-conductor)
Recommended installation locationForearm+J4+J5+J6
Proximity perception distance5~15 cm(may vary based on different parts of the robot)
Approaching response cycle10 ms
Approaching emergency stop time0.1 s