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Desktop, Cartesian and SCARA Robots

Building on technology refined through years of precision sewing machine development, we forge ahead in the high function industrial equipment field. Always on the cutting edge in manufacturing, we devote ourselves to offering the finest quality in everything we do from product development to after sales service.

Our main products, namely servo presses and desktop, Cartesian and SCARA robots are valued by customers worldwide for precision work in a variety of manufacturing fields, including the automotive parts, IT and electronics industries.

Desktop Robots

Dispensing, Screw-tightening, Soldering, PCB cutting, and more, our versatile desktop robots handle a variety of jobs. Highly rigid construction ensures stable movement. Our simple teaching method makes using the robots easy.

JR 3000 Series
desktop robots jr 3000 series

Cartesian Robots

A 3 or 4-axis robot with smooth, precise tracking and high repeatability. The standard model features multiple interface ports; ideal for inline installation. Combine stroke sizes to fit your needs; we offer a wide selection of size configurations.

cartesian robots
Cartesian Robots
SCARA Robots

SCARA Robots

Equipped with a powerful servomotor, our user-friendly, vertical multi-jointed robot is useful for a wide range of jobs, from high-speed small parts pick-and-place to high-precision component assembly.
scara robots

Main Features

janome Robots Key Features:- >>4.0 Industry Compatible >>Compact Size >>Fast, More Precise With Greater Structural Rigidity >>Application Specific Software >>PC Software >>Teaching Pendant >>Memory Capacity >>I/O Interface